“Welcome to Miami” section from Mixtape Vol.3

With only being 5 hours away with traffic, Miami and Tampa have always had a close connection with each crew. Miami is the easy go-to skate trip destination for us in Tampa that still feels like we are somewhere outside of Florida. Miami has always had my favorite scene/ crew of skaters outside of my own area. From the awesome spots, to the dope skaters, and of course the easy access to the best food joints. Miami is a pretty rad destination to take a trip to.

Since Mixtape Vol.2 we have been trying to put together a Miami Section in the series but just came up short every time. I mean you basically have to live there to even have a chance of collecting footage with those dudes. But when DJ Brethauer contributed his entire archive of footage from his last few years of filming, it then became a reality to finally have a Miami section in the Mixtape. He had spent a lot of time down there before his outing of the filming game and I got lucky to basically have a whole MIA section dumped on my lap. The decision and edit came together pretty last minute, and using what I had I am happy with the result. I left a lot of key players out of it due to not having footage of them, but this group of people in the video is who our crew have come to know and be close with.

So I am happy to finally drop the Miami section to the interweb for you to peep.

"Welcome to Mia" Section from Mixtape Vol.3. Featuring: Koki Loaiza, Richie Zuczek, Mike Mancini, Paul De Oliveria, Josh Narvez, Rene Perez, and Danny Fuenzalida.

Filmed and Edited by Stephen Buggica

Additional Filming by DJ Brethauer and Mikey Bueso