Remix Track No.1: Robby Kirkland

As skateboarders, whenever we get a clip that we like we hold it very close. We become obsessed over it, watching it every 10 minutes for a month straight. With a clip like this we have to chose where we want it to be seen. In whatever video project you want it to be apart of. Which ever the case may be you are going to use that clip one time, in one project. Using the clip, or any clip for that matter, in more then one project is something that is frowned upon in the skateboard video world. Something that was coined “double dipping”. In my opinion, doing so shows a lack of footage, which makes you look kind of lazy. I mean, shit, maybe you just like the clip that much. I believe that just because you used the clip once already does not mean its dead. Clips like these can be used again together in one edit honoring all of your favorite clips you’ve ever filmed. Making a new edit with a new song which brings a new look to your footage, which I’ve always liked to see. Groups of footage edited into different video. ‘Manolo’s Tapes’ has been doing this for years, making “best of” edits of the greatest skateboarders in the world. Inspired by his work, I wanted to do my own, but with my friends. Using footage that I personally worked on with them during the time of us filming together. Something that I’m stoked to bring to you and local scene we grew up skating in.

The first of these “Remix “ edits I wanted to do was with Robby Kirkland. Rob has been in the Tampa scene, killing the game, for as long as I knew what skating was. Maybe even before that. As of 2018 it has been roughly 10 years of playing chase with Robby. Through out those years our crew has dropped 3 full length videos, which have all had a Robby part in them. This remix edit is his best, (and my personal favorite) clips from his lengthly footy folder. Putting his remix part together my idea was to just make it a super simple edit with a dope track. Well, enough of this shit. Peep Rob’s killer tape below.