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Manny Valdes Interview on Street Beerz

Artwork by Alejadro Yurrita.

Artwork by Alejadro Yurrita.

So first off, where did the name Street Beers come from? Was it something that happened organically while out skating, or something you guys stuck with after cycling through different names for this new idea you wanted to create?

Josh Narvaez (Street Beers second half):

It was probably my second time visiting Baltimore. A group of us had been skating around all day to the point were we either wanted to hit the bar and hang up the boards for the day or grab a few cold ones and keep pushing through the city. It was right then when we were weighing out our options that my good friend Zach (Dykes) said “Why don’t we just grab some street beers and keep skating?”. After going back to Miami I noticed the moral was at an all time low. We had just lost MIA Skateshop, and Mikey (Bueso) just broke his camera. Manny would let me barrow his HD camera to mess around and the rest is self explainable. We have been hanging out, filming, and poppin’ open cold ones here and there ever since. You don’t have to drink to understand the message here man. It’s just a group of friends having a good time trying to stay motivated. Street Beers (liquid motivation haha).

So Manny, did you guys collectively come up with the idea to start something together or did one of you want to start something and just brought in the other to help pop it off? When did you guys first launch an edit for Street Beers to kick things off?

Josh and I met when he was working at MIA in Sunny Isles when I was 16 or 17. I used to film with an HD camera at the park down the street and then hand out with him at the shop. I was already sick of filming with a DSLR, so I thought about buying a VX. Josh kind of pushed me to finally buy one, and we started filming together at the park so I could get used to the camera. Josh took my HD camera and started filming while I was busy at school and started making his own edits in the back of the shop. The first edits he made was called Hollandia, which is where Street Beers first started. Throughout the summer of 2015 we put out 6 edits and then I moved away to college in Orlando.

Right to left: Manny Valdes, Josh Narvaez, and another fan of camo.

Right to left: Manny Valdes, Josh Narvaez, and another fan of camo.

I thought the DVD casing was rad. Just for the fact that they were all individually hand made. I think that’s what attracts my attention the most you what you guys are doing. You guys do everything yourselves. Was that the idea from the jump? If you want something done you have to do it yourself right?

We do everything ourselves because its cheaper and easier to control. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with the video until about 2 months before the premiere, so I figured it was best to just do it ourselves. Josh got the idea of the beer sleeves from Rob Starr (Fuck Yinz) and made them all with a stick of Elmer’s glue and a pair of scissors. He also has a friend help him out with the t-shirt printing but he did all of them himself in his basement. I lucked out and happened to have a printer that could print on discs, so I burned and printed each DVD, one by one.

Peep the full “Import” video by Manny for Street Beers above. Or you can support these guys and buy a copy from Theories of Atlantis.

Josh made the move to Baltimore a little while ago. Which opened up Street Beers to another city and rad scene. How does it work producing stuff and working together while being on the opposite ends of the east coast? Also you were printing every single DVD yourself but Josh was making the cases for them. How did you guys make that work to come out with the final product?

Josh and I would FaceTime ever couple of nights and talk while I edited the video. We had a good workflow. I’d edit a section and send it to him and he would give me his feedback. He also took care of a lot of additional footage from his friend in Baltimore. When it came down to it, Josh flew down to Miami with the sleeves and t-shirts and we put the final product together a couple of days before the first premiere.

Hand made DVD cases for “Import” made out of 12 packs of beer. Every case is different and made one-by-one by Josh Narvaez in his basement in Baltimore.

Hand made DVD cases for “Import” made out of 12 packs of beer. Every case is different and made one-by-one by Josh Narvaez in his basement in Baltimore.

Naturally as skateboarders, we have an urge to create our own shit. But everyone is inspired from different sources. Where would you say you pull your inspiration from?

I learned everything I know about filming from Mikey Bueso and Josh Stewart. I’ve watched Static 3 and Volunteers more then I can count. Having Bueso as a friend was a lot of help while I was learning. He never game me a crash course of anything, but I picked up a lot of things just going out skating with him.

So now that the video is out and for sale, what is the future looking like for Street Beers?

We’re pretty much bringing it back to how it began. I’m just going to work on short edits, and eventually collect enough footage to start a new video. It’s going to be just like before but I hope to make it better. I want to travel some more and get more people involved. We already made out first Baltimore edit this summer (Natty Boh). And of course we got the new edit we just finished up. My ultimate goal is to get people to see what we’re doing, and hopefully get them hyped to skate.

Now that you got a little insight on Miami’s new up-and-coming “Street Beers” . Peep the new edit exclusive to the site, entitled “Coors Light”.

Featuring: Aj Petit, Steve Young, Rogelio Montano, Mauro Guerrero, Lazaro Reyes, Brendan Carroll, Danny Fuenzalida, Jereme Chavez, David Mclaughlin, Jorge Morales, Jon Hadley, Julio Bentancourt, Pj Castellano, Mike Rosa, and Marcus Levi.

Filmed and edited by Manny Valdes

Hi-8 Footage by Stephen Patterson

For more on Street Beers visit Street Beers website or follow them on instagram as @streetbeerz . Thanks to Manny and Josh for being down to do this with us. Looking forward to any projects you guys create in the future.