Koki Loaiza interview and Remix Track

The idea to do an interview and remix track with Koki came when this site was first created. He always caught my eye as an interesting human and I have been a fan of his skating since the first time I saw him skate. When we finally got around to completing the whole piece we brought in Koki’s board sponsor, Dead on Arrival, to do a collab capsule to make it a whole package.

The idea for the audio of the edit was to use multiple classic tracks off of MF Doom’s instrumental album, Special Herbs & Spices Vol. 1&2. Instrumentals that were personal to Koki and gave out that nostalgic feeling. Only then did we deem it fitting to use the album art as inspiration for the board graphic. Check out the collab capsule HERE. But before you do that, scroll down, read the interview, and watch the remix track. Get Hyped.


“He is the rain maker, the love bringer, and my brother from another. Taíno Warrior, Kiolkuin Loaiza.”

-Jimmy Lannon

So let’s start off with your full name, where you are from, and where you live now. 

My name is Kiolkuin Loaiza. I’m from the most southern town, Homestead/ Florida City. I reside in Downtown Miami.

How long have you been a resident of Miami? Is that where you first started skating?

I grew up splitting time between living with my Mom in South Florida and my Dad in Alexandria, VA. I spent most of my childhood south of Miami in a predominantly Haitian/Mexican area. There were lots of shack neighborhoods and canals with gators and snakes. Basically swamp land. When I was 14 I worked at a grocery store in Homestead. I met a kid named Jeremy, who skated and was from “The Redlands”, a predominantly white side. Him and I would skate Saturdays and that’s when I started really getting into skating. I failed my first school year and my Mom couldn’t handle me, so she sent me to live in Alexandria, VA. Full-time to live with my Dad. I met some skaters there who skated Pulaski in DC. That’s when everything changed for me.

Rumor has it that some random dude had to get punched in the face for this belly button high 50-50 photo to happen. Shot by Aaron Austin.

Damn. So growing up you experienced two different eras and scenes of skating. Back in Miami, what was the scene like when you started compared to today? Has the crew you cruise with changed much?

Back in the day the Miami scene was packed with some gritty skate crews well versed in the streets. Everyone was tough on each other because life was. There are definitely a lot of new faces in Miami now and life is way different for kids. Today, the drive to skate comes from a more superficial places of likes and follows. Those who don’t dick-ride stand out. Everyone has full-time jobs too, so when I’m off I pretty much just leave my house and push. There is always a crew around, or an OG like Richie Zuczek or Paul DeOlivera Lurking.

I love Miami. Between the beach, the spots, and the food, It seems like a perfect little paradise. Is that what keeps it fresh for you to stay in Miami?

That’s what most people would like to believe. To me, it’s family and my community that keep me around. With all the blessing of the land come whack-ass tourists and all the funny “like a clown” people that live here with money trying to impress them.

Koki makes good use of the constant construction zone gold with this switch wallie. Shot by Jason Henry.

What are some of your favorite cities you have been to?

Anywhere in Puerto Rico, Copenhagen, and Mexico City.

Now let’s talk D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival). It’s a new company as of this year and they put your name on a board pretty much off-rip. Can you tell us how that all came about?

Steve Fletch is a sarcastic no-bullshit kinda guy and when he asked me to ride for the company I had to make sure he wasn’t fucking with me. He’s into that nostalgic “no push” line shit. So when he said he was hyped on my skating I was down. I was surprised, but saw it as an awesome outlet to collaborate with some non-SoundCloud rapping skaters who see shit the way I do.

Koki’s first published ad for D.O.A.

Your first graphic is the cover of a Charles Bukowski novel. How much input did you have in creating that graphic and how personal is it to you?

I had a lot of input in it and chose the graphic because I’m a dirty old man myself. “Women” was my travel book. Steve wanted to do a whole Bukowski series so it just made sense.

On the left is our new collaboration deck and on the right is Koki’s first pro model for D.O.A.

That graphic is dope. But I like our collab graphic a little more haha. Let’s get into that. We decided to do an interview and remix your best footage, but then we took it a step further and now we are doing a collab deck with D.O.A. for your new pro model. What does doing this collab deck mean to you?

Most of my favorite skate video parts were strictly beats, or just instrumental tracks. Busted.Mic has always brought hip-hop music to life through skating. MF Doom’s Special Herbs Vol. 1 & 2 is the foundation of a whole era of my favorite rappers. Big Pun, Beatnuts, Gangstarr, Cuban Links, Ghostface, De La Soul, MOP, the list goes on. That raw era of substance was when rap was a life raft you could hold on to. It had that bang-your-ass-over-the-head kind of feeling. This collab is taking that feeling and putting it onto a deck, so what doesn’t it mean to me?

The start of this project was the idea to put your favorite footage together into a remix edit. Out of all the projects you’ve been apart of, which one was your favorite and why?

I think “The Dango is Dead” was my favorite project. Florida was really wild at that time for all crews and I had a chance to skate and travel with some of my favorite skaters.

This front noseslide was used in “The Dango is Dead” video, and so happens to be the first clip of Koki I ever saw. It is still a relevant clip and photo to this day. Shot by Jason Henry.

You’re the guy that is always working on a bunch of projects at once. So what is the future timeline looking for Koki currently?

The fact that DOA has my back has really given me a newfound motivation to get into traveling again and staying fit. Steve sent me a new camera and lens so be on the lookout for some new projects coming out of Miami.

Hyped to see what you have been working on. I got one last question before we wrap this up. What’s your favorite Hip-Hop album of all time?


Now that you got to know Koki a little more and got the backside of our collab board with D.O.A. its time you sit back and watch Koki’s Remix Track. Enjoy.

Thanks to Koki and Steve at Dead on Arrival for joining forces with us to do this interview. You can now purchase the collab board and shirt on the DOA SITE. More to come in the future for both DOA and Koki, keep eye on ‘em.