Releasing our latest video titled “MASTA 8”. The second edit dropped for our up-coming project, MICrofone Check 1,2 [EP].

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Welcome to Miami section from Mixtape Vol.3

The MIA section in the video was an essential part to the whole feel of Mixtape Vol.3 and just so happens to be one of my favorite sections throughout. Featuring a handful of rad skaters…well..you’ll just have to watch and see.

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Koki Loaiza Interview and Remix Track

Here it is. A remix track of Koki’s greatest hits and an interview to accompany it. If you were not a Koki fan before, you will be now.

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Manny Valdes Interview and Video Release

We got together with Manny Valdes to talk ‘Street Beers’ and to release his new video “Coors Light”.

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Busted.Mic “Initials” T-Shirt

“Initials” script t-shirt in black with orange breast logo.

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Remix Track No.1: Robby Kirkland

Here is the first of our Remix edits and what a better way to kick things off then with the most OG in the game, PeeWee Kirks.

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Dustin Eggeling's part in

Mixtape Vol.3

The folks over at LiveSkateboardmedia.com were kind enough to let me do a short interview and release Dustin's part from the mixtape to go along with it.

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"Introduction" Track No.1

Here it is! Our first video release entitled "Introduction"

The good guys at Theories of Atlantis hosted the video over on their site. Check it out.

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"Lyric" T-Shirt No.1

Our first "lyric" t-shirt

Now available in the shop.

Pitstop in Texas

We Took the 16 hour drive to Austin, Texas last month for a 7 day long trip full of backwoods, throwing knives, one eyed bums, and delicious food. This edit is mostly just that boring skating stuff.

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The Lost Age: Gainesville

Finally! A full on Gainesville video. There has not been a Gainesville skate video since Colin Read's first Mandible Claw Video 9 years ago. So here is it the 2018 Gainesville video with footage from 2009-2012.

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"LOOK BACK" is a video short featuring: Pj Castellano, Jimmy Mastrocolo, Jereme Knibbs, Manny Rodriguez, Jimmy Lannon, and Dustin Eggeling. This video contains unreleased footage from 2011-2016 that was left on the cutting room floor during the production of a couple full length projects.

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3 Parts From Mixtape Vol. 3

Just recently we decided to release a few parts from our 2017 full length Mixtape Vol.3 Presented by Shaqueefa OG. In honor of the heavy presence of porch spots in the entire video we released the porch section of the video along with Jata's and Manny Rodriguez's parts, which are a couple of my personal favorites in the video.

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Ad No.1

Manny Rodriguez comes in with the first ad for busted mic and the first promotional ad for the upcoming EP "Microfone Check 1, 2".

Shot by Josh Bowser

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